Dive into the Internet at fet'11

The Observatorium presented the exhibit "Dive into the Internet" at fet'11 - The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition, 4-6 May 2011, Budapest. Visitors entered a darkened room where a system of motion sensors allowed them to interact with a network of concepts by opening and reading texts through stylized body movements. Participants were able to read news pages from the on-line press detected in real time in English, French, German, Hungarian and Portuguese. The exhibit integrated the research developed by the Observatorium team, concerning real-time monitoring of multi-level network structures for the study of knowledge generation and opinion dynamics in the Internet.
The stand was shared with FuturICT, an important integrative research project supported by many European laboratories and research teams, including The Observatorium.

Welcome to The Observatorium website

The Observatorium is a research group committed to improving the general awereness of knowledge creation dynamics. Our approach monitors communication flow at a global level, allowing inovative ways for crossing and analysing information. You will be able to find in these pages a synthesis of the research being developed at The Observatorium. As a suggestion, you might start by the Motivation page, and then take a look to what is happening right now in the newspapers, politics, science and economy specific tracks.


17 Feb 2013
This website is not being updated since 2011. The Observatorium team is working on a new website. Please stay attentive to the new website that will soon be on-line with many interesting features.

8 Mar 2011
Jorge Louçã presented the the talk "Monitoring the Socio-Economic Climate at a Global Scale" at the ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Competence Center for "Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems".

28 Feb 2011
David Rodrigues and José António Silva presented their on-going research at the ETH Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation, at the ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

20 Feb 2011
Jorge Louçã presented the Observatorium at the meeting "Mathematics in the Science of Complex Systems", held at the European Centre for Living Technology, Venice.

17 Dec 2010
Jeff Johnson visited The Observatorium in November/December 2010. Colaborative research ideas were be discussed, including a new use of Hypernetworks Theory.

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